Lysol® Clean Flip™ DRY SWEEPING Cloths

Great for picking up dust, dirt and hair, these cloths are designed to fit the Lysol® Clean-Flip™ Sweeper as well as other regular quick clean sweepers.

Available in 2 convenient package sizes:
16 and 32 dry mopping cloths.


Lysol® Clean Flip™ SWEEPER Starter Kit

Clean-Flip: delivering the convenience of quick cleaning and the results of traditional cleaning methods. The innovative “flip” feature reaches into tight spaces and cleans floors and baseboards simultaneously. With a simple, no-touch way to attach the cleaning cloth to the sweeper, the Clean-Flip reduces the drippy mess and hassle associated with other sweepers. The Clean-Flip
uses 66 percent more surface area than the leading sweeper’s cloths, making cleaning faster and more efficient.

Available at a store near you in one of two convenient ways: packaged and pre-assembled. Each starter kit comes with 2 dry and 2 wet cloths.


Lysol® Clean Flip™ WET MOPPING Cloths kill 99.9% of viruses & bacteria*

Featuring the proven power of Lysol, the Clean-Flip is the first and only sweeper that can offer the ability to disinfect while it cleans without requiring any extra work, mess or products. Available in a refreshing citrus scent, these cloths also fit the regular quick clean tools you may already have at home.

Available in 2 convenient package sizes:
12 and 24 wet mopping cloths.

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